Patient survey and results

The first PRG on 26.01.2012 had an open agenda for members to express areas of concern. The particular areas of concern were:

  • How to get an appointment
  • Follow-up appointments – GP request to see the patient or CD surveillance/ monitoring
  • Patients who are late for a pre-booked appointments what happens
  • The attitude of the non-clinical staff towards patients

There was some doubt as to whether information about practice procedures had been effectively disseminated.

These areas formed the basis of our survey carried out in February and March 2012.

The Practice and members of the PRG discussed the findings at our last PRG 24.05.2012 meeting. The results did not suggest any obvious changes needed to procedures regarding emergency or follow-up appointments but various suggestions were made about giving information about changes in practice procedures and these will be tailored during the next two months.

Currently, St.Bartholomew’s Surgery has 77 patients in the PRG.


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Patient survey results



Survey results – GP Patient Survey 2016

Survey results – GP Patient Survey

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Survey Report 2013 (PDF version best for most people)